A child is playing with a puzzle!
A group of children are learning about the Fire Brigade! They are being shown a real life Fire Engine!

Toileting Information

No child is excluded from participating in our setting who may, for any reason, not yet be fully toilet trained and we work with parents towards toilet training, unless there are medical or other developmental reasons why this may not be appropriate at the time.

We see toilet training as a self-care skill that children have the opportunity to learn with the full support and non-judgemental concern of adults.

If necessary children should wear “pull ups” or other types of trainer pants as soon as they are comfortable with this and their parents agree. Parents are asked to please supply “pull ups” on a daily basis for the use of their child if needed. Clean spare clothes will be kept at the Pre-School for any child needing them. Disposable gloves are available and should be used at all times. “Accidents” will always be handled in a sympathetic manner and so as not to cause embarrassment to the child. Children are encouraged to take an interest in using the toilet. Soiled “pull ups” and any other clothing will be bagged.

Older children access the toilet when they have the need to and are encouraged to be independent. Children are always encouraged to wash their hands after any visit to the toilet area.

Only adults who have been checked by the Criminal Records Bureau can be in sole charge of a child – including visits to the toilet and nappy changing.