A group photo of the 2016 Nativity!
A group of children are learning about the Fire Brigade! They are being shown a real life Fire Engine!
Rising School children pay a visit to the local Post Office!

All of these images are from Rising School sessions!

Rising School

A Rising School Session takes place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. It  is hoped all children starting school in September can attend one or both of these sessions. These sessions are planned to extend the children and give them greater opportunities to co-operate and work together to build on their language skills and give them confidence for moving on to school. These sessions begin with a more structured routine with no toys out when the children arrive. Library books are available for them to look at. The register is called, followed by a story read to the group. We provide a different selection of toys and activities to further stimulate the children and give them opportunities for new experiences. The children are encouraged to work together and take part in both small and large group activities.


As part of the rising school session we encourage the children to take part in P.E. Parents will be reminded  by email when the children will require their P.E. Kit. This activity also prepares the children for changing their clothes at school and parents play a big role in helping with this by naming their clothes, checking they are wearing items easy to manage and encouraging them to dress and undress themselves at home. Reception teachers really do prefer a child who is self – sufficient and able to recognise their name. We also aim to make it an enjoyable exercise for the children and one they really look forward to.

Outings & Visitors

On occasions we take the children out for a local walk, usually in connection with the theme we are working on. Recent visits have been made to  Barming Woods, Barming School field, the Heath Play Area and the local shops and Post Office. Parents are informed beforehand and suitable outdoor clothing is requested. Staffing is increased for these activities. The preschool has high visibility tabards for all the children. Our children were also invited to attend the dress rehearsal of Barming School nativity and the Reception class children attended our dress rehearsal. Whenever possible we arrange visits from people to meet and talk to the children. Visits from the police or fire brigade are always popular. Any parents prepared to talk to the children about their job or any interesting subject are welcomed.

Christmas Nativity

The children perform a Christmas Nativity play for their parents and families. They enjoy learning the songs and the experience of using microphones!

Transition To School

Once children have been offered a place at their chosen Primary School we support and prepare them by discussing the transition. We have contact with Reception Teachers at the local schools and invite them to visit. We are able to take the children in small groups to visit Barming School, staying with them so they can play in the classrooms and playground. The school arranges additional visits and story times in the library so the children become familiar with the school before the end of term. All  other local schools have similar schemes. Our staff will support parents during this process.

A group of Rising School Children playing in the park!
A group of Rising School Children playing in the woods!

All of these images are from Rising School sessions!

A group of Rising School Children playing in the park!